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Threats to the normal everyday life we live are increasing. Municipalities recognize this elevated threat level and are dealing with it by instituting mitigation programs that extend into all levels of the jurisdictions, headed up by a Chief Resilience Officer (“CRO”) . Whether, natural or manmade these threats are being defined and planned for on a macro level.

The opportunity exists to deliver a holistic service to a more micro level - the enterprise level. Many corporations today are ill prepared to deal with various threats to the entire corporate organization or may only have portions of their businesses prepared through risk management, IT, facilities or health and safety; usually such preparedness is not on a coordinated enterprise-wide basis.

The idea is to create a Chief Resilience Officer position who is a totally apolitical and impartial CRO capable of collaborating, developing, delivering and implementing a coordinated ongoing and ever evolving resilience strategy. Apolitical and impartial are important values in this program since the goal is to create a corporate ecosystem that cooperates and collaborates within multi-disciplinary operational functions without creating turf wars.

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